Telecommunications Invoice Management Services (TIMS)

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The Opportunity

TIMSThe management of telecommunications expenses has become one of the most complex tasks for corporations today. The ability to manage the process of verifying and validating telecommunications bills for companies can vary in overall effectiveness. Generally, the end result is a more costly, less effective process that exposes the business to undesired risk and diverts resources away from critical core business activities.

Ingenuity offers a variety of services for managing telecommunication invoices. These services range from implementation assistance and bill verification to a total outsourced solution for managing and reconciling all telecommunication invoices. These services can significantly reduce the cost and time required to verify telecommunication invoices and manage your telecommunication vendors, freeing up valuable resources and money for other needs.

The Challenge

Ingenuity's Telecommunication Invoice Management Services (TIMS) can be a cost-effective alternative to the processes and procedures used to manage voice, data, wireless and conferencing services. This alternative ensures the accuracy of telecommunication invoices, provides more effective controls over the invoicing process, and produces a more timely resolution to vendor billing errors. Furthermore, TIMS can extend and build on the benefits of Ingenuity's Telecommunications Optimization Service by ensuring that the most recent contract changes are properly implemented and that any subsequent billing errors are identified and corrected in a timely manner.

Our Solution

Consolidation of Telecommunication Invoices
The expenses associated with receiving and processing multiple files that come in different formats from each of your service providers increases the frustration and total cost related to managing telecommunications expenses. By providing a single view of all your telecommunication charges - local, long distance, Internet, and wireless, Ingenuity can reduce your overall costs and provide a simpler view of these complex expenses.

Customized Management Reports
Ingenuity provides reports that are organized to meet your needs based on parameters that you set. In addition to current period data, we can also provide you with reports that highlight historical trends in your billing. We can track charges against budgeted levels and provide you with a list of exceptions to those budgeted amounts. You can receive and/or view any or all of these reports electronically via email or by accessing a secured website.

Mechanized Verification of Invoices
TIMS can also reduce the cost associated with verifying the accuracy of your bills. We will ensure that your invoices meet the standards you set, based on the parameters and criteria defined.

We can provide you with customized reports of anomalies associated with:

  • Inappropriate charges
  • Overcharges or charges for services that do not exist
  • Inventory of services - ensuring that you are only being billed for those services you have authorized or ordered
  • Contracted rates - ensuring that you are receiving the proper rates for services covered by any service provider contracts that have been negotiated
  • Potential toll-fraud, unusual calling patterns and inappropriate destinations (e.g., international)

Customized Accounts Payable data file
'Normalizing' various formats of billing data received from your service providers allows Ingenuity to provide you all of your telecommunication expenses in a format that can be directly input into your Accounts Payable system.

Electronic Payment of Invoices
Making it easier to ensure all invoices are paid on time can eliminate the expenses associated with late payment charges. Along with simplifying the processing and validation of invoices, Ingenuity can facilitate the electronic payment of invoices based on your preferences and needs.

  • Automatically triggering the payment of invoices that meet your verification criteria
  • Reducing the cost and time required to authorize payment of verified invoices by using our secure, electronic authorization process
  • Receiving exception reports for invoices that contain questionable or erroneous charges

The Process

Ingenuity can perform a review of your current invoice management processes, including the:

  • Current resources required to process telecommunication invoices
  • Number and type of service providers currently used throughout your organization
  • Current number, types and formats of invoices received
  • Ability and desire to process these invoices centrally or in a decentralized fashion
  • Verification procedures currently in place to ensure that your invoices are accurate
  • Cost of archiving your invoices
  • After completing this review, Ingenuity will provide you a proposal of recommended services along with the projected benefits (qualitative and quantitative) that would result from the use of TIMS.

How to find out more

If you would like to know more about our services and how our group of professionals can assist your company in managing telecommunication costs, please contact us at