Data Center Solutions

Ingenuity Data Center Solutions

Ingenuity's Data Center Projects Deliver:

  • Expert advice on the latest advances in data center technology
  • A broad and deep background in IT Infrastructure, including data and voice networking and server hardware and operating systems
  • An astute analysis of current practices in operations management
  • Rigorous project management to help ensure data center construction or data center move projects are delivered on time and within budget
  • Knowledge in enterprise operations management tools and automation
  • Market awareness of Co-location and Managed Service Provider vendors

The best part...we believe Ingenuity will exceed your expectations in all phases of our work, delivering high value, objective solutions at an affordable price. This is a commitment backed up by our history of good service and client references. Ingenuity has significant experience developing Total Cost of Ownership Analysis' with indepth finanical profiles over a one to five year planning horizon to help your organization make the right strategic decision surrounding the source, management, and cost of the data center operation.

Ingenuity's Data Center Solutions are Designed to Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership and Improve Operational Management of the Data Center Environment

Managing an enterprise data center is one of the most significant IT challenges facing an organization, from managing power and cooling requirements, tackling server and storage consolidation initiatives, and managing managed service providers, to attempting to contain costs and optimizing the operation.  It's a tall order. This on-going challenge is also bringing into question the need for the organization to continue to in-source the data center infrastructure and operation or consider moving to a co-location provider or, further, a managed services provider. Or, conversely, what will be required to move from a managed services situation to a in-house built and managed data center?

Ingenuity can help your organization optimize the design and management of the data center and operations environment, whether it's sourced in-house or with a co-lo or managed service provider. Ingenuity provides you with the expertise, and tools you need to make the most strategically valuable, cost-effective and contractually sound choices with your data center investments, including the following solutions:

  • Data Center Total Cost of Ownership Assessment
  • Data Center In-house Owned and Managed vs. Co-location vs. Managed Service Provider Strategic Assessment
  • Data Center Design Consulting
  • Data Center Relocation Planning and Project Management
  • Power and Cooling Optimization Consulting
  • Data Center Co-location and Managed Services Provider Vendor Evaluations and Market Analysis
  • Data Center Operations Optimization
  • Server and Storage Consolidation and Virtualization Assessment and Planning

For more information:

Read Ingenuity Data Center Solution Case Studies and White Papers

Ingenuity does not resell data center related products or services or partner with third party co-location or managed services providers, so we are in the best position to provide you with objective advice and thorough, vendor agnostic, assessments.

Please contact us today to discuss your organization's needs, evaluate our capabilities, obtain project case studies, get customer references or schedule an initial review.