Utilities Optimization & Conservation

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The Opportunity

Energy and other utilities represent a very significant operating cost for most organizations. By leveraging the best rates available, reducing billing errors, and optimizing consumption, most organizations can significantly reduce their utility expenses.

The Challenges

Many organizations have accepted the increasing cost of utilities as out of their control. Any attempt to reduce or stabilize utility rates is complicated by the highly complex tariffs that serve as the basis for the rates charged by providers. Even when rates are based on what the provider considers the best available, significantly better rates could be available. Finding and taking advantage of the best rates can save a substantial amount of money and noticeably impact an organization's bottom line. While deregulation is providing some organizations opportunities for additional savings (along with all of the related complications), the move toward deregulation has been relatively slow and it may never become a reality in some areas. However, even without deregulation, considerable savings are available to those who know where to look and what to look for.

In addition to complicating invoices, complex tariffs also lead to numerous billing errors. This complexity makes detecting and correcting errors very difficult. Usually only a thorough audit of invoices and all supporting documentation will confirm and substantiate billing errors. Along with the general billing errors, a thorough audit may also detect mistakes related to service, equipment and/or usage charges.

Because of the significant investments in personnel and technology required to validate utility consumption, most organizations are unable to confirm (and in many cases, significantly impact) their actual usage. However, there are many cost effective ways to control and validate consumption.

Our Solution

Ingenuity will audit your utility invoices to confirm their accuracy and to validate that your rates are the best available given your organization's usage and consumption. Our expert teams of industry insiders and audit specialists understand the many complexities related to utility billing and will identify cost recovery opportunities and potential alternatives for reducing your rates. As part of the audit, we will identify errors related to such issues as rate misapplications, erroneous taxes, meter constant errors, and low power factor charges.

Our knowledgeable teams will take advantage of our advanced technology and significant intellectual capital to evaluate the various alternatives that could help your organization minimize utility expenses and optimize utility consumption, while you remain focused on the issues that are key to running your business. We will complement and enhance your own cost-saving efforts and build upon any previous utility optimization efforts. Even if you recently had a utility audit completed, we can usually help you generate significant additional savings. Our teams can start where others left off and identify new, innovative opportunities to reduce your utility costs.

The Cost

Our contingency-based fees are based entirely on the money that we save you. We do not charge any up-front fees and we are paid over time as you receive the related refunds, credits and savings. Our value-based pricing and long-term focus on customer relationships eliminate any risk for you and provide strong incentive for us to find the best solutions available.

Getting Started

It is very easy to get started since we basically do everything from start to finish, requiring very little of your time. For more information, please contact us at utilities@teamingenuity.com.