VoIP Feasibility Assessments and Implementation Planning

Ingenuity Voice over IP Feasibility Assessment and Implementation Planning

voip studyAs VoIP technology evolves and enterprises begin to adopt voice and data convergence, the benefits, risks and savings potential of this technology are evolving as well.   To say there is a ground-swell of interest in VoIP would be to understate the potential of the technology, and convergence in general, over the long-term.  It can safely be stated that it is not a matter of if the enterprise will adopt VoIP, but rather when it will adopt the technology.  There is a significant amount of momentum in the market on all fronts and it will truly be the “disruptive” technology that will change the medium, and in some ways the manner, in which we communicate, as well as the organizations that provide the products and services for this communication.

Ingenuity has significant telecommunications and IP networking experience and we have been helping our customers with Telecommunications Optimization since our inception.  We have found that our customers are often facing the following questions about VoIP:

I understand that VoIP is inevitable, but when is the timing right, how much will it cost and do I have the technical and operational infrastructure to support it?

The Ingenuity VoIP Feasibility Study Service is designed to answer these important questions.  The purpose of this study is to help your organization make an informed decision surrounding the implementation of VoIP. The study evaluates the business, financial and technical elements required for a successful implementation of VoIP and provides all the information you need to determine if it is currently a viable, feasible and sustainable long-term communication solution for your company.

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I am ready to embrace VoIP, but should I in-source the VoIP implementation or consider a hosted VoIP solution?  What VoIP product or service is best for my organization?

Ingenuity's VoIP Hosting Solutions Assessment and Procurement Planning Services  are designed to help organizations determine the best approach for implementing VoIP and IP Telephony in the organization.  Depending on your needs, Ingenuity will develop a Total Cost of Ownership profile of your organization's current voice communications implementation and compare this to a TCO under a variety of implementation scenarios, such as an in-sourced and managed VoIP solution versus a hosted and out-sourced VoIP solution, or some hybird thereof.  Ingenuity brings a significant amount of VoIP market knowledge, both VoIP product and VoIP service providers, to our VoIP Hosting Solutions projects. With our VoIP market intelligence, we are also quite prepared to assist your organization with VoIP product and services pricing negotiation.

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Voice communication is still a vital channel for conducting business in my organization.  Disruptions are very visible, so a VoIP implementation project has to be executed flawlessly.  How do I conduct a successful implementation with my team so busy and not experienced with large VoIP deployments?

Despite all the hype, the technology is still in an “early adopter” phase.  VoIP is fraught with risk and uncertainty for the unprepared, and only those organizations that identify and mitigate these risks will enjoy the full benefits.  Therefore, it is critical that organizations take a prudent, measured and studied approach to evaluating the feasibility of the technology, build a strong business case for its adoption, and identify and account for the potential risks involved in its implementation.

Ingenuity's VoIP Implementation Planning and Management Service is your answer. Ingenuity has significant project management experience and, when combined with our in-depth voice communications, networking and voice operations management experience, we will provide the peace of mind to help your organization plan and manage a VoIP implementation project that mitigates risks, provides the necessary project management discipline and drives the project to a successful completion.

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