Information Technology

The Problem

  • There are many different ways to license and obtain maintenance for hardware and software, and it is rare that vendors recommend the solution that minimizes their revenue

Our Solution

  • IT optimizationProvide a team of industry experts to determine the optimal hardware/software licensing and maintenance options and negotiate the best rates available
  • Leverage proprietary data modeling tools to determine if licensing schemas are optimized
  • Utilize Federated Market Intelligence to determine the best pricing available for each individual situation and help optimize acquisition costs, discount rates, maintenance percentages, professional service rates, etc.
  • Review historical transactions for “Referential Integrity” - closely examine and audit historical transactions in order to validate that those transactions were processed correctly -  use these findings to help our customers get any appropriate credits and refunds
  • Analyze contractual agreements to ensure they provide the appropriate protection and most flexibility available - Advise customers of more favorable terms and conditions that are available, although not included in vendors' standard agreements
  • Our fees are typically 100% contingency-based, with the only payments being a percentage of the savings generated
  • Customers typically save more than 20% on their licensing and maintenance costs