Utilities Invoice Management Services

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In addition to Utilities Optimization, Ingenuity offers Utilities Invoice Management Services to provide ongoing assurance that all approved recommendations have been implemented, all applicable credits have been received, future billing errors are minimized, and new opportunities for savings are quickly recognized and implemented.  As with an Optimization Project, Invoice Management fees are typically based on a shared savings approach, eliminating any risk or cash-flow issues associated with utilizing Ingenuity's services.

Ingenuity's Utilities Invoice Management Services consist of implementation assistance for savings-related opportunities and ongoing reviews of all applicable invoices.  As part of the ongoing reviews, Ingenuity:

  • Evaluates energy and other utility usage and expenses for each customer facility in an effort to identify erroneous charges, misapplication of taxes, riders or other discounts, and any changes that could minimize utility expenses.
  • Regularly analyzes utility usage and consumption patterns of our customers' accounts and recommends any alternatives available that could reduce the customer's total utilty expenses.
  • Works with the utility providers to obtain any appropriate credits and any additional support necessary to evaluate alternatives for the customer.
  • Evaluates demand and usage patterns at each facility to determine if any process changes would significantly reduce expenses.
  • Provides regular reporting that identifies all applicable savings recognized, lists all pending opportunities for additional savings, and can include trend reporting to compare with historical usage and billing.