Registration & License Application


Alabama counties have been using outdated and inefficient “tag” applications for many years and, as a result, have come to accept labor-intensive input, data errors, limited and often out-of-balance reporting capabilities, disjointed sub-processes, and additional external work in order to perform transaction processing and reporting.  These systems require a significant learning curve for users to become proficient and are not easily adaptable to regulatory changes and improved processes.  Also, they have not evolved to take advantage of new technologies and the related process improvements.  The current systems make the application and renewal process unnecessarily cumbersome and time-consuming.  This often leads to frustration for county employees and their customers, as well as unnecessary additional expenses.

Our Solution

Ingenuity has partnered with our customers in the development of a new system that takes advantage of the latest technology in order to integrate and optimize all related processes.  Leveraging our expertise in current technologies, our relationships with the State of Alabama and our customers' vast experience with county registration and license requirements, we have developed an ADOR-compliant system that allows our customers to improve the accuracy of their transactions while greatly improving the efficiency of their operations.  This approach improves our customers' ability to respond to their constituents' needs, substantially reduce data errors, significantly reduce training time, and provide convenient, integrated, online alternatives.

Our tested and proven technology platform enables the application to be easily modified and to evolve as necessary based on legislative or Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR) changes.  Ingenuity has designed the application to streamline the processing of both walk-in and online customer transactions.  It also includes an email renewal notification subsystem that can significantly reduce the expenses incurred by counties that print and mail renewal notices.  This subsystem can also enable and encourage constituents (via links) to easily take advantage of the online renewal option, saving our customers substantial money related to the paper, printing and postage expenses for renewal notices, as well as the salary expenses related to traditional renewals. 

Below are a few of the special features that are built into the application:

  • Simple and intuitive navigation leads to quicker processing times, shorter lines and reduced training needs
  • Easy and accurate handling of escape and back-tax calculations improve revenues
  • Dropdown menus with descriptions rather than codes enables faster transactions and shorter lines
  • Flexible reporting leverages new technology tools and provides one button solutions for End-of-Day and End-of-Month reporting
  • Extensive use of field-level checks, dropdown inputs and text-completion features improves input accuracy and efficiency
  • Search capabilities that utilize predictive text and auto-complete functions allows clerks to search by ETAPS, Tag, Name, VIN, Company, or other Customer information (such as Address or DL/FEIN number)
  • ETAPS integration with auto-population of registration records minimizes keystrokes and reduces input errors
  • Integrated fleet renewals enable simplified batch processing which can significantly reduce the time required for fleet renewals
  • Integrated online renewals allow customers to complete transactions even after their renewal month and include the application of real-time interest and penalty calculations
  • Email renewal notifications reduces notification expenses and encourages online renewals
  • Multi-layered transactions allow clerks to quickly complete complex customer requests
  • Remote support capabilities allow Ingenuity help desk personnel to have direct access to county computers for assistance and problem resolution
  • Permission-level security features offer the ability to establish various privileges related to editing, authorization and reporting
  • Print configuration subsystem allows networked printers to be shared among users

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