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Although concerns about energy efficiency and conservation have increased significantly in recent years along with efforts to reduce energy expenses, improve work conditions, minimize the impact on the environment and address national security concerns, few organizations have been able to significantly impact their energy consumption.  Most organizations have attempted to become more energy efficient, and many have ongoing energy conservation initiatives.  However, based on the expertise, technology, time and money required to evaluate and implement the most cost-effective alternatives for energy efficiency, few organizations have truly optimized their energy consumption.

Ingenuity works with its customers to minimize energy expenses through both rate optimization and energy efficiency initiatives.  These initiatives are completed simultaneously to enable our customers to accurately evaluate, cost justify and prioritize alternatives for reducing energy consumption.  Some opportunities to conserve energy are inexpensive and require no capital allocations.  However, for those alternatives that require an investment, it is critical to accurately calculate all of the costs and the related savings to be recognized.  Ingenuity leverages our teams of energy conservation experts and rates specialists to maximize savings for customers and minimize the capital expenditures required for conservation efforts.  We work hard to generate the savings needed to pay for the efficiency projects that will yield the most cost-effective results.

After reviewing customers' energy conservation initiatives and completing an initial review of the related energy usage and billing data, Ingenuity completes an energy audit for each applicable facility.  Each energy audit includes a systematic analysis of the facility in order to evaluate energy system performance and identify opportunities for reducing operating costs through operational adjustments and energy system improvements in conjunction with rate optimization. 

The energy audits are divided into two phases.  The first phase is a preliminary analysis and review to assess the broad potential for energy cost reduction and the appropriateness of a more detailed evaluation of the facility.  This includes a walk-through of the facility along with discussions with building managers to determine the condition of systems, review any known operational issues that may affect energy usage, and estimate the potential for energy cost reductions.  It also includes a review of historic energy billing data for the facility and the related energy rates.  At the completion of this phase, Ingenuity provides a summary report outlining the initial findings along with any appropriate recommendations.

The second phase, if appropriate, includes a detailed, comprehensive energy audit of the facility.  A comprehensive audit is completed in two stages.  The first stage includes the necessary data collection and analysis, while the second stage consists of a detailed economic analysis, including an evaluation of the implementation costs of identified energy conservation opportunities versus the related savings to be recognized.  Upon completion of the economic analysis, a final report is prepared giving a summary of recommendations and their economic impact on the facility. 

The final report also contains detailed descriptions of each recommendation with estimated energy use and cost reductions, the engineering cost estimate and the economic analysis.  A method for measuring and verifying the performance of each of the applicable recommendations or for the facility as a whole (depending on which is most appropriate) is described.  Each recommendation includes the next steps necessary to implement the recommendation.  For the recommendations approved by the customer, Ingenuity assists with the completion of the next steps identified in an effort to ensure that recommendations are implemented and that the customer starts to realize the savings and other related benefits as soon as possible.

Ingenuity works hard to find the savings our customers need to fund the conservation that we all need.  In the end, we all benefit as the conservation efforts generate ongoing energy savings and the money needed to fund other important initiatives.