Telecommunications Optimization Services (TOS)

Telecommunications Invoice Management Services (TIMS)  |  VoIP Feasibility Assessments and Implementation Planning

The Opportunity

Telecommunications is now one of the five highest operating costs for most organizations. A great deal of time and expertise is required to manage these costs effectively. However, significant savings are available for those who know how to address all of the related complexities.

The Challenges

save money on phoneSince very few organizations have the time, resources, expertise, and technology needed to effectively audit and manage telecommunication expenses, most pay far more than necessary for their services. Getting the best rates for voice and data services is far from automatic. Telecommunication vendors are well known for offering their services for the highest rate that they feel their customers will bear. The less competitive pressure they feel, the higher the rate. This issue is often compounded and the competitive pressure reduced because many organizations have decentralized procurement of their telecommunication services.

In addition, invoices for telecommunication services are notorious for being inaccurate. A detailed examination may reveal that you are being billed for services that you no longer receive or never had. It is also not uncommon for your charges to conflict with your contract terms or for surcharges and taxes to be misapplied.

Our Solution

Although these issues can be overwhelming, Ingenuity has the expertise, tools and technology to help you maximize your telecommunication investment and minimize your telecommunication expenses. Our industry insiders understand the many complexities of telecommunications and know the keys to reducing your costs. Our teams of audit specialists and industry experts will complete a detailed evaluation of the cost, application and operation of your data and voice telecommunication environments, identifying opportunities for cost containment, cost reduction, and cost recovery. We will also provide a plan and the necessary assistance to implement our recommendations that can address a wide spectrum of services, including:

  • Local Services
    • POTS
    • PRI
    • VoIP
    • SIP
  • Data Services
    • Point-to-Point
    • Internet Access
    • LANs
    • WANs
  • Long Distance Services
    • State-to-State
    • In-State
    • Local Toll
    • Toll-Free
  • Wireless Services
    • Cell
    • Radio
    • Air Cards
  • Conferencing Services
    • Telephone
    • Video
  • Equipment Maintenance
    • Voice
    • Data

Our recommendations will focus on both short-term and long-term benefits and will help you keep your telecommunications administration manageable for years to come. We will leverage our advanced technology and significant intellectual capital to help you minimize your telecommunications expenses, allowing you to remain focused on the issues that are key to running your business. We will complement and enhance your own cost-saving efforts and build upon any previous telecommunication optimization efforts. Even if you recently had an audit completed, we can often help you generate significant additional savings.

The Cost

Our contingency-based fees are based entirely on the money that we save you. We do not charge any up-front fees and we are paid over time as you receive the related refunds, credits and savings. Our value-based pricing and long-term focus on customer relationships eliminate any risk for you and provide strong incentive for us to find the best solutions available. This is an excellent way to generate savings that will fund other important initiatives.

Getting Started

It is very easy to get started since we basically do everything from start to finish and require very little of your time.

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