Case Study: Data Center Disaster Impact Assessment for County Government

Data Center Solutions Case Study

Data Center Disaster Impact Assessment for Montgomery County, Alabama

About the Ingenuity Customer

Montgomery County, servicing the greater Montomgery, Alabama metro region in the heart of South Central Alabama is home to over 223,000 citizens.

About the Data Center Solutions Project

Ingenuity led a Disaster Recovery and Government Continuity of Operations Planning effort for this major seat of government operations in Alabama.  This project started with a detailed IT Infrastructure and Security Risk Assessment, including a detailed evaluation the data center infrastructure, single points of failure, operations management and IT security. In an effort to secure an appropriate backup data center facility, Ingenuity conducted an evaluation of co-location, managed service, and disaster recovery center providers in the greater Southeast US on behalf of Montgomery County.  This effort culminated in the development of a county-wide IT Continuity of Operations Plan.  This project concluded with Ingenuity's development and execution of an IT continuity plan test, coordinating and guiding the county IT personnel through a select data center and business application recovery effort at the designated recovery facility.

Ingenuity has experience, with this County and others, in presenting findings and offering recommendations to County Commissions and related governing bodies.