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Reduce Risk, Protect Your Assets, Be In Compliance - Why Every Organization Needs A Security Program

No organization in either the public or private sector is immune to intrusions, disruptions and information theft. Many organizations also have a special responsibility to safeguard consumer personal information in their possession and work to help prevent identify theft.

Threats to the security of your information systems and business assets can come from many sources both internal and external. Your ability to mitigate, prevent and respond to these threats can mean the difference between a manageable problem and a costly, destructive one. The development of a complete and sustainable Security Program is vital to protecting your assets, preventing disruption to business operations, and ensuring that your organization is in compliance with Federal, State and local regulations.

How Ingenuity Can Help

Ingenuity develops Security Programs that implement the policies, procedures, organizational practices and technical architecture necessary to provide for regulatory compliance, risk reduction and information system protection. Each Program Plan is sensitive to the specific regulatory, technological and policy requirements of the customer while leveraging templates and best practices that the Ingenuity team has developed from years of hands-on experience.

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