Website Design and Development

The Opportunity

In today's fast paced business environment, leaders of organizations are looking for innovative ways of achieving their organizational goals. Many have looked to the Internet as a tool to foster profitable relationships with their customers, through innovative websites, portals or cost saving intranet sites.

Increasing expectations for Internet technologies coupled with the large number of business websites that have failed to deliver anticpated results has increased corporate awareness of the necessity of imposing formal controls on website spending and tightly aligning the website with the organizations goals. With this more focused approach, new and enhanced websites are increasing organizations ability to communicate, increase productivity, or gain market share.

The Challenge

By adding the value of a user experience and website strategy into planning, Ingenuity helps customers overcome common problems with website development efforts. Many websites fail because of poor user experience and poorly implemented support systems. This can quickly destroy the value in a technology investment.

Most new websites or enhancements to existing websites need the agreement of each level of the corporation or organization. In many cases, organizations at the department level have very little agreement on the overall structure of information within a new Internet site. Many times this leads to stale and non-productive information within the new website and fewer return users.

Our Solution

Ingenuity provides customers with detailed user experience models, overall information flow design, complete functional requirements, and technical documentation so that the website will be a less expensive, and faster to implement than with a less carefully designed solution. Brand and user experience documentation provide roadmaps for future improvements and the support systems included in our solutions allow customers to maintain their own content without the long term expense of a technical resource. Ingenuity's ability to facilitate interdepartmental design meetings create assurances that each level of the corporation will remain active in the updating of content and information on the new or enhanced website.