Technical Project Management Services

Ingenuity Technical Project Management Services

A successful technical project is often the difference between great project management and poor or no project management. 

There is no substitute for leadership and experience when it comes to bringing together all the forces necessary to bring a complex project to completion on time, within budget and meeting or exceeding all expectations.

Ingenuity understands this and has many successful projects and satisfied customers that will attest to our project management capabilities, with an important distinction that sets us apart: all of our project managers bring a significant amount of technical IT experience to bear on a project that will translate into important technical contributions and oversight to guide the project.

Ingenuity specializes in technical project implementation management, such as frame relay to MPLS wide-area network conversion projects, data center relocation projects,  large-scale network and system implementation projects in support of new ERP or complex application roll-outs and Voice over IP implementation projects.

With Ingenuity's standard project management approach, we leverage our extensive project management experience to coordinate the activities of our internal customer resources with the activities of all contributing project team members, such as third party vendors, contractors and other Ingenuity consulting resources. Ingenuity's project management methodology includes a structured, consistent approach to managing technical project implementation management initiative through all project stages.  Our project management methodology provides a method and framework to monitor and control the project from kick-off through the delivery of the final project implementation phase.  The project management standard practices include a communication plan and quality assurance process that will enable project visibility and guidance to stakeholders throughout the effort by providing for coordination and convergence of all project stakeholders around the following four factors that will influence the project:

      • Business priorities (including project objectives and scope, opportunities, and internal and external influences)
      • Time (including windows of opportunity and project scheduling)
      • Cost (including the availability of resources and project budget)
      • Technology (including standard risks and issues associated with the implementation of new and complex technology)

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