VoIP Feasibility Study Services

Ingenuity Voice over IP Feasibility Study Services

The purpose of Ingenuity's VoIP Feasibility Study is to help your organization make an informed decision surrounding the implementation of VoIP. This study is an assessment that will evaluate the business, financial and technical elements required for a successful implementation of VoIP and determine if it is a viable and sustainable communication solution for your organization over the long term.

Despite all the hype, we are still in an early adopter phase.  VoIP is fraught with risk and uncertainty for the unprepared and only those organizations that take a prudent, measured and studied approach to evaluating the feasibility of the technology for their organization and building a strong business case for its adoption, will this risk be identified and mitigated, the costs and savings quantified and the benefits realized.

Ingenuity's standard project approach for the VoIP Feasibility Study and Assessment includes the following activities:

  • Baseline the costs associated with supporting the current voice and data infrastructure,  This information will be used as the basis for the VoIP return on investment analysis.
  • Evaluate the current voice and data infrastructure to determine its capability and interoperability potential to accommodate VoIP.  This effort, particularly on the data network, will be keen to determining the reliability, scalability, manageability and general robustness of the current infrastructure to determine if it is capable of supporting VoIP applications and, if not, what will be necessary to develop this capability.
  • Evaluate the current voice and data operational model to determine how these domains are managed today versus what will be required in a converged environment.
  • Using our significant market intelligence in the telecom and VoIP hardware and services market, Ingenuity will evaluate the VoIP market as it exists today to develop suitable options for adopting VoIP, including buy versus outsource/hosted alternatives, and from single site isolated solutions to multiple site centralized call processing solutions that meet of the needs of the organization.  This evaluation will form the basis of our development of the VoIP architectural elements and topology suitable for your organization.
  • Ingenuity will analyze the costs for implementing VoIP under several implementation scenarios, including hard and soft costs, fixed and variable costs, one-time and recurring costs, and site level and centralized costs.
  • Ingenuity will then conduct a ROI analysis to determine when, and if, there is a financial benefit to adopting VoIP in some capacity for the organization. 
  • If appropriate given the results of the ROI analysis, Ingenuity will identify some implementation recommendations, including advice for mitigating risks, interoperability testing and piloting the technology.
  • The project concludes with a full report of the current telecommunication costs baseline, voice and data infrastructure evaluation, VoIP architectural elements and topology, ROI analysis and implementation recommendations.

The Ingenuity VoIP Feasibility Study project will be tailored to your specific needs and is designed to provide the information needed to allow your organization to make an informed decision concerning the adoption of VoIP in the organization. 

Ingenuity is completely independent and does not resell or partner with companies that provide VoIP or Telecom related products and services.   

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