VoIP Hosting Solutions Assessment and Procurement Planning Services

Ingenuity VoIP Hosting Solutions Assessment and Procurement Planning Services

Depending on where your organization is in the VoIP adoption and long-term planning process, determining how you will deploy VoIP is an important decision.  For some organizations, purchasing, implementing and providing on-going management of an in-house solution is the best option because the in-house support model and skills are mature enough to provide a stable environment.

In other cases, a hosted (i.e. outsourced) model is best for the organization because it reduces the need to take on a significant VoIP captial investment upfront and reduces the need to build and sustain the technical team necessary to manage a complex VoIP environment. 

Regardless of the decision of going with an in-house or hosted solution, the VoIP market is full of providers, all vying for your attention with the "best" solution.  It is difficult to make an informed decision when you're bomdarded by white papers, case studies, total cost of ownership assessments and ROIs, often slanted to favor the vendor. 

Ingenuity's telecommunications experience, combined with our VoIP product and service market intelligence, will make an excellent partner to help your organization make an informed VoIP purchase decision.  Ingenuity will tailor a VoIP Hosting Solutions Assessment and Procurement Planning approach that meets your needs, including one or more of the following activities:

  • Develop Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your current voice and data environment, to compare the projected TCO of the target VoIP solution.

  • Develop a TCO, over a predetermined planning horizon, of a proposed in-house, self-managed VoIP solution or hosted and outsourced VoIP solution, evaluating one or more target vendors in the market.

  • Develop and manage a Request for Proposal process on your behalf to solicit VoIP product or services proposals to help you evaluate vendors and the market in general and, importantly, generate competition for your business to help drive down pricing.

  • Provide general VoIP related market intelligence and competitive comparisons in the VoIP products market and hosted services market to give you the background you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

  • Assist with VoIP pricing and contract negotiation, including licensing, maintenance and service level agreements.

Ingenuity does not resell VoIP related products or services or partner with third party VoIP hardware or managed services providers, so we are in the best position to provide you with objective advice and thorough, vendor agnostic, assessments.

Please contact us today to discuss your organization's needs, evaluate our capabilities, obtain project case studies, get customer references or schedule an initial review.