Ingenuity is a professional services company dedicated to serving our customers and their diverse needs through the development, management and support of the best software, related technology and team members.  Our core values of Commitment to Quality, Dedication to Adaptability, Devotion to Understanding and Humility, Support of Collaborative Team Players, and Focus on Managed Growth drive every decision and action we take.  Our areas of focus are local/state government systems and services, as well as IT and Optimization services for both public and private sector customers. Contact us today to discuss the many ways that partnering with our team can help your organization flourish!

A full suite of software applications to support motor vehicle, boat, business license, and manufactured home licenses and registrations

An end-to-end CAMA & Property tax solution to cover all aspects of your office’s workflow. From mapping and appraisal to assessment and collections and everything in between
A Simplified and streamlined software solution for your probate or chancery court to maximize office productivity and citizen access

Custom web design and software development to fit every need and budget

No-risk/contingency-based programs to save your organization substantial amounts of money and optimize your utility usage
A complete web-based queueing and customer management solution that brings tremendous efficiency and productivity gains to your office